70plus2 creative design

Brand & Identity - August 2008

  • Liminal Apparel Brand
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    Yeah, we created our own brand!

    Our goal was to create a worn but sleek brand. We have always been inspired by brands that are image/textual based. If you cut the archs off it's not 70plus2. If you cut the words out, it's not 70plus2.

    Our name "70plus2" is also tied in a creative way to everything that is the internet.

    We get all sorts of strange answers to what our brand means... Maybe we'll start a poll to find out what you think.

    ... Or you could just head over to our contact page and ask!

    Check Out Some More Projects

    Marble Computer

    Marble Computer in Austin, Texas came to 70plus2 in dire straits with two of their websites.

    Stonegate Ecoscapes

    Stonegate wanted something different then every other landscapers website, so we decided to create a full browser website.

    Davies Assocaites

    Davies Associates Landscape Architechs came to us to have their website redesigned.

    Liminal Apparel

    We designed the logo for Liminal Apparel, a startup company which creates custom t-shirt designs for enthusiast geared genres.